Natalia Latka

Crypto Policy Lead

Merkle Science

Natalia Latka is a seasoned Regulatory Professional with a profound expertise in navigating the intricate world of cryptocurrency regulation. At Merkle Science, she is playing a pivotal role in analyzing regulations and developing products for the compliant and secure use of cryptocurrencies. Currently, in collaboration with global policymakers and regulatory bodies, she is developing a product that empowers authorities to evaluate risk associated with service providers engaged in crypto-related activities within their jurisdiction. As a Crypto Policy Lead, she is advocating for fair and practical regulatory approaches that foster innovation while ensuring consumer protection. Her proactive engagement with regulatory authorities and industry associations in the UK and EU exemplifies her commitment to fostering a compliant and informed crypto space. 

Natalia’s career is marked by significant contributions in advising and assisting organizations in understanding and complying with AML regulations. In her previous role at TRM Labs Natalia has been instrumental in developing due diligence solutions that merged traditional and blockchain-specific compliance measures. Her background also includes working in the Financial Crime Compliance Department at UBS, where she played a crucial role in developing and updating policies to prevent financial crimes within Investment Bank. 

With a robust background in legal and financial frameworks, Natalia excels in translating intricate regulations into actionable insights.